Profit In 49635

Profit In 49635 [ˈpräfit]

The difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in Frankfort, Michigan.


Profit In 49635
Profit In 49635

Business vs Profit In 49635

Have you ever pitched your goods or services only to find out that the target of your thrust (zip code 49635) wasn’t in a position to make the deal?  The fact is a lot of chamber of commerce members are not business owners or decision makers. Sometimes their boss just sent them along to “network”.  If you want to network, you would do better to open a Facebook page and have a Twitter account. At least you’ll know you are in control and not some clique who could care less about you.

You can augment that with a LinkedIn page. Today, your targeted prospects prefer making contacts and seeking out resources in the comfort of their own home in their own time.  And everyone of those people you see at a business after hours who are 40 years old and under, can’t wait to leave in order to interact on those very websites. The business mentality in Frankfort and Elberta Michigan will evolve whether traditional clubs and groups like it or not.

Opportunity for success starts in Frankfort 49635

There will always be possibilities for business people who are aware of opportunity and enthusiastically go after it.  If you are engaged in Frankfort Michigan real estate or Elberta real estate, you can have your own web and social network presence that will get you moving toward your goals. If you like volunteering at Mineral Springs Park or the Elberta art fair continue doing it. You meet a lot of nice folks. If you want to enhance your business in our mobile society, contact us.  By the way, visit our parent company, The Point Betsie Internetwork, LLC.